Set in the weird and wonderful world of Austin, Texas, Slacker is special in that it doesn’t have a traditional plot or storyline. Instead, it is a causal chain of connected characters in a vibrant, sociable environment. Slacker is engaging and interesting – I kept wondering how the next character will be weirder than the next. There is an accepted and relaxed environment around the “Slacker” community of Austin where obscurity flourishes.

The film is very much similar to its subjects – appearing to have no objective. However that’s much of the film’s charm. Many of us don’t tend to live in the moment, so it can be very refreshing to see people who do.

The characters are University drop-outs, conspiracy theorists, radical anarchists, socially inept, unemployed, high, and as Richard Linklater (Director) put it himself “unable to communicate properly”. I think the film does well in actualising the disconnect between individuals in a community but from the outside are seen as being a scene, movement or a hipster counter-culture.

You could probably sum Slacker up as a rye social commentary of young adults trying to find themselves but I think it is more than that as well as the film being impressively executed using largely amateur actors and on a tight budget. Early Linklater already showing how he has become the Linklater today.


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