One of the best films I’ve watched in a while, Pi is Darren Aronofsky’s debut feature film. With already four short films under his belt he felt confident enough to take on as large a subject as the meaning of life in a black and white stylised film with one central character; a mentally unstable social recluse. The film is great down to its detail – with the unique soundtrack provided by Clint Mansell and the close shots to show the claustrophobic intense life Max Cohen (Sean Gullette) leads in New York.

Max Cohen’s existence is solely focused on cracking the mathematics which explains everything within the universe. Max uses his computer – Euclid and the stock exchange to attempt discovery of the 216 digit number behind the existence of man. The film is fantastic at not overwhelming the viewer with mathematics and therefore keeping a strong simple plot at the heart of the film.

Max is anti-social with damaging anxiety and suffers from severely debilitating headaches. Despite this Max does regularly meet with an old Mathematics mentor, a Hasidic Jewish man focused on researching the Torah for mathematical purposes and two of his friendly neighbours. These interactions however, still detrimentally affect his research and his mental health.

Pi is a great film, I went in with little expectation although I thoroughly enjoyed Aronosky’s The Wrestler and found Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream interesting. I would definitely recommend the film. It is only 1 hr 23 mins, I think you can spare that! The soundtrack alone is worthy of your attention, never mind the well crafted story and brilliant direction.


4 thoughts on “Pi”

  1. I love Aronofsky and his entire filmography. What you said about Pi is so true. Some films fail to engage viewers because they focused too much on flaunting jargon (of late The Big Short does this). But in Pi the mathematical theories are extremely difficult but so easy to comprehend. Very succinct and well analyzed post of the film!



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