The Dreamers

Set in Paris, France against the back drop of the 1968 Paris Student Riots. American student Matthew (Michael Pitt) meets twins Isabelle (Eva Green) and Théo (Louis Garrel) through their mutual fascination for Cinema. The trio quickly bond by reenacting characters and scenes from classics; a personal favourite being the trio running through the Louvre á la Godard’s Bande á Part.

Matthew, alone in France is happy to make such close friends. He is invited to have dinner at Isabelle and Théo’s central Parisian apartment and meets their parents soon after meeting. The relationship between the three is similar to the riots and socio-political awakening surrounding them in central Paris, as the relationship soon intensifies and difficult to control. Michael, Isabelle and Théo experience many of the same emotions as the rioters all while keeping their heads in the clouds and without leaving their apartment over the Summer. Their attitudes and actions are very much detached from reality, show the heavy influence film can have and if you wanted to be really pretentious you could dub The Dreamers a “post-film”.

The film is a ‘coming-of-age’ (whatever that REALLY means). A lot of the film is the characters posturing, learning about their world and their place in it – both through the use of films and the other characters. Maybe that’s exactly what a coming of age film is? Maybe it doesn’t matter. Worth a watch, nonetheless.



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