Comfort and Joy

A light-hearted drama set in Glasgow, Scotland following a radio disc jockey (Bill Paterson) who has recently split up with his partner during the festive period. He witnesses a bizarre attack on an ice cream van. Based around the true events of the “Glasgow Ice Cream Wars”, that saw rival gangs use Ice Cream vans to sell drugs and illegal goods as an easy method of distribution. Although there were many gangs using these methods and many gangs of different backgrounds, Comfort and Joy focuses on the differences between two Scots-Italian families.

Radio DJ Alan Bird (Paterson) gets himself into a sticky situation and acts as a mediator between the two families, due to his profile as a local celebrity. The film is a light drama with an amusing plot around the unravelling of Bird’s life as he gets into more peculiar situations – without becoming slapstick. Part of the charm of the film is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously and knows it was never going to be the best film ever made.

That being said, the film is very entertaining and a great insight into the character and life of Glasgow, Scotland as well as Italian-Scots culture – an area you won’t get too much of a chance to see on film. The film received a BAFTA nomination for Best Original Screenplay and the authentic causal nature of the events across the plot make it easy to understand why.



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