The Hunt

A modern day witch hunt in a small, close knit and simple Danish town. The Hunt follows Lucas, Mads Mikkelsen, is a divorced father who has recently began working at the local nursery and has a great rapport with the children, especially his best friend’s daughter – Klara.

The (Witch) Hunt begins when Klara tells the Nursery manager that Lucas has exposed himself to her. Her only motive is a revenge plot against Lucas after he tells Klara off for having a crush on him and kissing him inappropriately. Klara’s accusation to the Nursery manager leads to Lucas being ostracised from his friends, his co-workers and the rest of the town. The film is largely made up of the interactions after the accusations and how Lucas deals with being rejected from his local community.

The film really has very few faults. The acting, writing and direction stand out in a very well oiled film that passed quickly and had me wondering what will happen next throughout. A great performance from Mads Mikkelsen, who will hopefully be remembered for this more than his bleeding eye in Casino Royale!


One thought on “The Hunt”

  1. The Hunt is by far one of my most favourite films. It’s such a visceral film. It sticks with you after you’ve watched it. Great writeup too, do you ever feature your work with any other sites?



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