The Puffy Chair

A leading film in the so-called “Mumblecore” film movement. But since none of the leading directors attached to the ‘movement’ agree with it being a movement then it kind of discredits my use of the term. Undoubtedly there were a lot of low budget, DIY films from 2002 to 2014 focused on the worries of middle classed 20-something Americans. But that’s a much longer term than “mumblecore”.

The Puffy Chair is the first feature length film from the Duplass Brothers which saw the light of day. A refreshing film with a simple plot of a son buying his father a puffy chair and visiting him in a different state on his birthday. Shot on 35mm and directed in a style I would personally describe as ‘professionally home-made’ – without detracting from the piece I enjoyed the delivery of the film.

Mark Duplass plays the lead who embarks on the road trip with his girlfriend (Katie Aselton). The film starts with great impetus and only picks up more tempo until about half way through the film when it screeches to a halt and drags for a bit. The only criticism I have is to fault their debut film on its pacing, but that could be hypercritical of me. However, it is no surprise it was accepted into Sundance Festival and the Duplass Brothers have gone on to produce other great films and TV shows. They hit the ground running, if you ignore the 10+ years they spent making shorts, before The Puffy Chair.



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