For a film director I’d say I’m not a big fan of, it seems bizarre that I have seen so many Noah Baumbach films. Of the Baumbach films I have seen, they usually leave me with a hollow feeling that there could have been more – the major exemption being The Squid and the Whale which I thought was fantastic. Greenberg, however did leave me feeling hollow.

The film gets a lot of praise for its depiction of mental health issues, troubled characters, etc. But I really don’t see what it has over like-minded films.

A fantastic cast with Ben Stiller, Greta Gerwig and Rhys Ifans, what went wrong? Stiller (Roger Greenberg) just doesn’t seem suited for the role. The film and the story are held together with Gerwig’s character (Florence Marr) who is the dog walker to Greenberg’s brother and begins to help look after Greenberg when he is left behind by his brother’s family for a ‘vacation’. Greenberg is a depressive, odd New Yorker living in Los Angeles.

A film I felt let down by in all honesty. I didn’t go in with unreasonably high expectations but nothing of great note or interest happens without. No character development, no plot, no story, nothing much funny or dramatic happening.

The film has been fairly well received critically. There are other films by Baumbach which I can see his potential but not this. I’m always interested in hearing opinions about films I review, Greenberg more than others! Please what did I miss!?!



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