Perhaps overly influenced by the French New Wave and a slightly unbelievable plot but a very enjoyable film regardless. I see Reprise as the little brother film of Joachim Trier’s two Norwegian language feature lengths so far. However, most films would be in the shadow of Oslo, 31. August if comparisons were drawn.

I am a big fan of the Trier (director), Eskil Vogt (writer) and Anders Danielsen Lie (actor) team. Reprise may be slightly hard to attach yourself too due to the two central characters who are young writers act as if they are learned scholars without showing much of their talent to the camera. This however doesn’t detract from the unique story. A rare exemption as the ‘troubled artist’ plot-line has been done to the death in Cinema.

The film shows the conflicting journeys of two young writers to success. One with writer’s block after writing an instant classic and the other who struggles for a positive reception before becoming a literary idol to all. There are many small characters who don’t have many redeeming features, e.g. misogyny, selfish, etc. You could perhaps say the characters are a subject of their environment in the wider middle class Oslo society that and shades of the literary world the film takes part in.

It might not read like I enjoyed Reprise but I would urge you to give it a watch and any of the modern Norwegian films your attention – there has been a recent upsurge in great dramatic Norwegian films which have been interesting, funny, directed and acted well. For example Oslo, 31. August, Hawaii, Oslo, In Order of Disappearance, to name a few.



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