Adam and Paul

Adam and Paul is a light-hearted almost humorous take on a desperate and hard hitting subject. The first feature length film from Lenny Abrahamson, now known for his 2015 film Room. Adam and Paul and Room have a lot in common thematically.

Adam and Paul however is set in Abrahamson’s homeland of Ireland, following two heroin addicts on their Laurel and Hardy-esque adventure of seeking their next high. It has a very funny outlook on the ridiculousness that drug addicts can get themselves into through leading such one dimensional lives, e.g. of looking for their next high or the money to pay for their drugs for their next high.

Lenny Abrahamson has a gift at taking a fresh look at heavy or potentially unoriginal subject matters and making them gripping. Adam and Paul is a funny tale focused on drug addiction but don’t let the usually tough subject matter discourage you as the film is highly entertaining!

I thoroughly recommend you to watch both Adam & Paul and Room. It is quite remarkable the similarities between the two films.



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