The Music Box

Have you ever had a job where you felt as if you were metaphorically pushing a large rock up a mountain for it to only fall back down again? And again? And again?

Well, The Music Box is the film for you! Laurel and Hardy have a very funny take on the classical Greek tale; ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’. The Music Box is the rock and the house for delivery is at the top of many many flights of stairs at the top of the mountain.

The Music Box is Laurel and Hardy at the top of their game – one of their more physical films. The movie has a remarkable laugh per minute rate considering the amount of times Oliver Hardy stops and takes a minute out to take off his hat and wipe his sweaty brow, hilariously – of course.

With it being only 29 minutes in length, you really don’t have an excuse for not watching this. The whole thing may or may not be on YouTube as you read this. Completely not endorsing watching it there or anything. Go watch comedy in its most basic, purest and funniest of forms! Now!


One thought on “The Music Box”

  1. This sounds great – but I can never watch Laurel and Hardy. You know that an minute they’re going to get in so much trouble. It makes me feel like Ricky Gevaise’s The Office.



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