I’m not one for reading into Awards and Award Seasons. However, it strikes me as a little bit odd that Will Smith wasn’t nominated for an Oscar or a BAFTA for his efforts in Concussion.

Concussion is a film centred around a Christian Nigerian pathologist in the Pittsburgh area, USA. Very much the outsider, Will Smith’s character story is the focal point of the film as a single man taking on the massive commercial corporation that is the National Football League (NFL). Twists, turns and set backs follow – much like a game of football, ironically.

In short, the film is completely carried by Will Smith but it is definitely worth a watch for that reason alone. Don’t go into it expecting a lot of football but it is a solid film I would happily put somewhere in my top 10 of 2015.

Arguably, not a niche film to review – I felt I had to review this film because too many people are ‘sleeping’ on this film. Please, please, pardon the pun.


One thought on “Concussion”

  1. Having not even heard of the film until award season and it’s lack of awards, your review has made me intrigued enough to watch it! Definitely was disappointed with the Oscars this year

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