A Hard Day’s Night

I’m torn by this film. It is a cleverly created propaganda piece for celebrity worship – albeit if written by Lennon and McCartney themselves, which feeds on the screaming girls which will internally echo throughout your head for up to a week after watching A Hard Day’s Night.

But perhaps more fairly, it is a fantastically orchestrated film by Richard Lester which is still incredibly special despite its age. On top of the innovative documentary style, there is a genuinely uplifting story delivered by the Beatles – and only the Beatles characters. The dialogue written with many humorous quips is charming but left me feeling as though A Hard Day’s Night is overrated amongst the critics.

A film you should watch even if you don’t like The Beatles or the 1960s just isn’t your era. But not likely to be the best film you watch this year.


2 thoughts on “A Hard Day’s Night”

  1. I may have seen this movie more than any other, after having a Beatles obsession in my teens (well after the 1960s! ;)). It’s just so fun! Ty for the follow :)



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