A film set in Saudi Arabia, which follows a rebellious little girl called Wadjda. It centres on her free spirit in a society with strict conditions, especially for women. Fuelled by her desire to buy a bike, an activity only for boys, Wadjda’s entrepreneurial spirit comes to light to show the viewer her glowing personality.

The film focuses on Wadjda’s determination to get a bike and race her male friend. However, it glaringly points out the issues around gender inequality that will continue to be challenged by strong females such as Wadjda. All in all, a brave movie by the first female Saudi Arabian film director in a very conservative country set in its ways.

This was one of my favourite films of recent times. To copy Amazon.com, people who liked Kes, Grave of the Fireflies, or The 400 Blows would be very likely to enjoy this too.



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