A great film about two Turkish men experiencing problems; one personally and one professionally. Set in Istanbul, a recently unemployed unintelligent cousin comes to live with his successful but recently divorced cousin. Appropriately entitled “Distant”, they are both as distant from one another as they are from the outside world.

I really enjoyed this one though, it was gently-paced, accurately creating lonely existences and highlighted the flaws in the characters’ lifestyles which contributed to their isolation. The tension between the two characters gradually increases as Yusuf (unemployed cousin) shows little progress on the job front and external stresses consume Mahmut’s (employed cousin) life. The acting was sublime, which brings additional sadness to the fact Mehmet Emin Toprak (Yusuf) died shortly after the film at 28, making Uzak his last film.

However, on a lighter note it is no surprise that director Nuri Bilge Ceylan went onto win the Palme D’Or twelve years later. This was my first Ceylan film. But not my last.



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