For Those in Peril

Set in rural coastal Scotland, the story concerns a young man who is the sole survivor of a six man ship wreck – one of whom was his older brother. He is treated with mistrust and disrespect from the village since the incident.

I definitely didn’t like this as much as every review or rating I’ve seen about the film but I didn’t dislike ‘For Those in Peril’. However, I took issue with a number of cliché edits that just didn’t fit the film and, to me, clearly stood out and didn’t seemingly add anything. The inclusion of an abundance of close ups, annoying erratic handycam usage and choppy editing just struck me as the makings of a student film with all the tricks we’ve seen a hundred times before in similar UK indie drama films recently. I would be doing an injustice to this film if I didn’t sing the praises of George MacKay and his on-screen mother Kate Dickie.

With regards to the story, many of the characters made highly sceptical decisions above the questionable choices some flawed characters can make. Although it is a good effort for a first time writer/director I think there could be a more natural subject matter to suit Paul Wright in the future. I’m actually slightly surprised that Paul Wright was nominated for Outstanding Debut at the BAFTA Film Awards 2014 for this piece. In a sentence, I would say this is a poor man’s “The Wicker Man” – and not because they are both Scottish.


One thought on “For Those in Peril”


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